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(edit) @a55efcf   8 months dirk Move the fill_computer_list() out of widgets fill_computer_list() …
(edit) @59ed9ea3   9 months dirk Add SPDX header to top level files Signed-off-by: Dirk Hohndel …
(edit) @751626e   10 months dirk QML UI: Fully port dive edit to Kirigami2 Completely adapt to the api …
(edit) @11dcae4   12 months dirk MOBILE: Read profile settings from git Signed-off-by: Joakim Bygdell …
(edit) @ca6a241   12 months dirk Add argument to subsurface_console_init call Subsurface-mobile …
(edit) @c52688c   17 months dirk Fix compile for Subsurface-mobile The Settings update series didn't …
(edit) @6cf100f   19 months dirk Avoid crash with empty command line argument It appears on iOS we can … android_test
(edit) @8f35b73   21 months dirk Move the qtTranslator and ssrfTranslator pointers to qt-init.cpp No … android_test
(edit) @7afcadef   21 months dirk Remove pointless code This isn't how you remove the default filename … android_test
(edit) @93d21ce   21 months dirk correctly load default filename Signed-off-by: Dirk Hohndel … android_test
(edit) @ec136de   21 months dirk QML UI: set the default local repo to load This will allow the user … android_test
(edit) @a1f0263   21 months dirk Remove useless command line handling code from mobile app The files … android_test
(edit) @7be962b   22 months dirk Move subsurface-core to core and qt-mobile to mobile-widgets Having … android_test
(edit) @94a549e   22 months dirk QML UI: brute force password saving This is embarrassing. I should … android_testmergeKirigamiPort
(edit) @cae1800   22 months dirk QML UI: really force passwords to be saved The logic looked so easy, … android_testmergeKirigamiPort
(edit) @8185d24e   22 months dirk QML UI: force local saving of password commit d99c9312195c ("QML UI: … android_testmergeKirigamiPort
(edit) @dd53411   2 years dirk Mobile: always show divecomputer reported ceiling in red We do not … android_testdcDownloadforatdotdemergeKirigamiPort
(edit) @a9b53efc   2 years dirk QML UI: switch UI to imperial units for users in the US This is … android_testdcDownloadforatdotdemergeKirigamiPort
(edit) @c0ac9532   2 years dirk QML UI: call plot dive when we set the dive The asynchronous nature … android_testdcDownloadforatdotdeiosmergeKirigamiPort
(edit) @f390fa0   2 years dirk subsurface-mobile-main.cpp: fix unused variable 'application' … Mtestandroid_testdcDownloadforatdotdeiosmergeKirigamiPort
(edit) @97fa132   2 years dirk Move proxy initialization into shared code This way we can use the … Mtestandroid_testdcDownloadforatdotdeiosmergeKirigamiPort
(edit) @dab207a   2 years dirk Subsurface-mobile: load preferences after org is set up The … Mtestandroid_testdcDownloadforatdotdeiosmergeKirigamiPorttesting
(edit) @61e3612   2 years dirk Subsurface-mobile: make sure we load the preferences Otherwise all … Mtestandroid_testdcDownloadforatdotdeiosmergeKirigamiPorttesting
(add) @b76d3fa   2 years dirk Better file names for Subsurface-mobile related sources They aren't … Mtestandroid_testdcDownloadforatdotdeiosmergeKirigamiPorttesting
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